Your leagal booster: Wildkraut Energy Sniff

Wildkraut is your wake-up call through your nose. The energy sniff made from alpine herbs and natural caffeine not only makes you wide awake, it also increases your focus.

Stay wild. Stay awake.

The natural enemy of fatigue:

  • MEISTERWURZThe healing root of the Alps.
  • ROSENWURZThe herb for the powers of recall.
  • MORINGASuperfood for your nose.
  • NATURAL CAFFEINEFor a full dose of energy.
  • TAURINECaffeine’s BFF.
  • GUARANAThe strongest natural caffeine supplier.


There are many products with invigorating effects, but none are as fast as Wildkraut. While energy drinks only take effect after 20 to 30 minutes, wild herbs give you an immediate boost. So exactly when you want to be awake and focused.


There are more than 20 large portions in one bottle of Wildkraut. So whenever you need an energy kick, all you need to do is reach into your pocket. This replaces quite a few energy drinks and avoids a lot of waste.

Legal ingredients

We didn’t like chemistry at school. That’s why we trust in the power of nature and only use legal ingredients. However, we consciously avoid sugar and tobacco.

Legal stimulant – tastes forbidden good:

What actually distinguishes Wildkraut Energy Sniff from illegal substances? A whole lot:

  • Only legal ingredients
  • Makes you awake and focused
  • No rush, no loss of control
  • Does not limit your ability to drive
  • Differs from illegal products in color (green tint) and consistency
  • Natural ingredients instead of chemicals

Are you already sniffing or still drinking?

When does Wildkraut help you?

Our Energy Sniff is more than just a wake-up call. Wildkraut also increase focus and concentration. So it supports you when you concentrate on work, on long car journeys, during sports and at the next party.

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